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'More Books - Your Books' campaign at the Library!

If you’re reading this, I’m 90% sure you’re looking for a reason to procrastinate, and I have the perfect one for you! The Library is running the ‘More Books – Your Books’ campaign, where students get to decide what books go on the Library’s shelves next. It only takes 30 seconds to make a submission, so here are 5 reasons you should suggest a few books:

1) Liberate our Library!

Libraries across the world are challenging the historic erasure of women, people of colour, LGBTUA+ people and disabled people’s narratives and discourses. This is your opportunity to suggest more books written by authors from marginalised communities, moving us closer towards a liberated Library at Warwick!

For inspiration, check out the literature suggestions over at Project Myopia’s website and Instagram account. This platform was started by students at the University of Edinburgh and now students across the world display material (visual, literary, cinematic, musical etc) that they feel their curricula would benefit from, focused on increasing diversity. You may just find something you’d like to see in our own Library!

2) Not enough books for the people in your module? Make sure there are more!

No one wants you and your classmates to be in that lose-lose rotation of putting a book on hold, then having a couple of days to get through hundreds of pages because someone else on the module puts it on hold, too. If this has happened to you, let’s make sure there are more books so that more people on your module have access to study materials at their own pace.

3) Help to cut down on Hidden Course Costs

Buying books can be one of the biggest expenses of university, and more provision in the Library could help to reduce the amount of money you spend on reading materials. The Library wants to make a difference to your student experience by allocating more books to the areas where they’re needed, so let them know what we need more of.

4) Learning beyond boundaries

It’s easy to get bogged down with all the reading and work on your course, but there’s a whole library of topics there for you to explore. Challenge yourself to think about whether we need more books unrelated to your course, or any other courses we have here at Warwick. Think about what you might want to read as a break from your course, and drop the Library a suggestion here!

5) And finally… end the ‘Cat vs. Dog Person’ feud for all time!

In honour of our furry friend, Rolf, the Library has dedicated a cabinet to cat-related books. This is your chance to either get more of those stocked up or level the playing field by requesting more books with dog-related content. (Alright, this one isn’t quite as essential a priority as the above…)