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Adulting 101: House-Hunting tips

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to Housing Day in the SU last week – we hope it proved useful and helped to put your minds at ease! If you couldn’t make it on the day, don’t panic – you can always find plenty of useful advice online HERE.

I created a list of things to look out for when house-hunting and got asked by several students to upload it online, so included below is said list!


  • If it's students giving you a tour, make sure you ask them for HONEST opinions! They will be brutal if necessary, and this could make all the difference when it comes to making a final decision.
  • Consider the area - is the house near amenities or facilities that you will frequently use?
  • Bus Stop - is the house within walking distance of a bus stop that will take you to University? 
  • Parking - will you require a parking permit? Does the house come with a parking space?
  • Noise - is it a noisy area? 
  • Neighbours - what are your neighbours like? 
  • Heating - are the ceilings very high? Will the rooms be expensive to heat? Are the heaters up to date, or expensive storage heaters? 
  • Single-glazed or double-glazed windows? Again, this will this impact on your bills and overall experience. 
  • Damp - look for pockets of damp on the walls, ceilings, and around window sills. 
  • What is provided? Is the house fully furnished, or will you need to buy furnishings? (Think about expensive items like washing machines etc!)
  • Kitchen - is there enough storage space in the kitchen? Will you need to buy another fridge?
  • Bathrooms - are there enough bathrooms for the number of tenants? 
  • Bills - ask the current tenants how much their bills usually are. They are the experts on that house!

Happy house-hunting!