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Advice: what to bring to uni with you!

Well, we’re nearly there – the Officer and Staff teams of the SU are literally counting down the days until Warwick’s first-ever dedicated Welcome Week begins!

Coming to university for the first time can be a daunting experience, and I know that many of you will have questions about what sort of things you need to bring with you – hopefully the following pointers will help! You can find more useful general information about laundry, banking, transport and more online in our FAQ section HERE.

This is by no means a definitive list, and don’t worry if you can’t fit everything in the car – you’ll be able to pick up most things here or from various shops nearby (this is definitely worth bearing in mind if you’re joining us from overseas). We’ll start with the essentials…


* As many as you need - bring enough to not have to do your laundry too often, but remember that you only get one wardrobe in your room!
* Plenty of socks and underwear
* Party & clubbing wear
* Nightwear / dressing gown
* Sports equipment (football boots, swimming costume etc) if applicable
* School uniform for Skool Dayz (though obviously this isn’t mandatory!)
* Clothes hangers


There is usually no dress code for any events in the first term, so you probably won’t need formal-wear – however, do feel free to bring it with you if you fancy getting your swag on!  Fancy dress for theme nights is available fairly cheaply at various shops in the surrounding area – or, of course, you can get creative and make your own…


* 2 bath towels & 2 hand-towels
* Small portable wash-bag
* Toothbrush and toothpaste
* Soap, shampoo & shower-gel
* Deodorant
* Any medications you might need
* Make-up & beauty products
* Condoms
* Flip-flops are also useful if you’re sharing a wash-room in halls!


* A portable plastic or fold-down fabric laundry basket of some sort is handy to bring with you so that you don’t need to haul around huge bin-liners full of washing. If you want to do small loads of washing by hand in your room, a portable fold-down drying rack is also handy!

* Most halls provide their own communal ironing board, though you may need to bring your own iron if you intend to use one.


* A set of cheap cutlery
* 2 dinner plates and 2 bowls
* 1 mug
* 1 pint glass (if needed!)
* 2 saucepans - 1 large and 1 medium/small
* 1 frying pan/wok - preferably non-stick
* 1 oven tray or baking tray
* 1 x glass oven dish
* 2 x wooden spoons
* 1 colander and/or sieve
* 1 plastic chopping board
* 1 sharp knife
* A few tea-towels
* A few small Tuppaware containers
* Tin foil & cling film


* If you don’t want to have to bring these items with you, they are all available fairly cheap either at Rootes Grocery Store on campus or Wilko’s just up the road.

* Washing-up liquid, cloths and sponges tend to be communal and used up fairly quickly, so it’s best to just have a small fund in your kitchen which you all chip into for these items! It may be worth bringing a couple to be going on with in the meantime though.

* Hall kitchens have their own toasters, kettles and microwaves, so you don’t need to bring any of these.

* Mini-fridges are NOT allowed in most campus halls, unless specifically required for medical needs.


* Your folks will likely be very keen to make sure you’re stocked up on grub before leaving – however, if you’re pressed for space in the car, just pack a few essentials (e.g.  pasta & sauce, bread, breakfast cereal etc) to see you through the first few days.

* There is a small supermarket on campus (Rootes Grocery Store), with Tesco, Aldi, Iceland and Sainsbury’s all close by. Be warned though that these all get VERY busy during arrivals weekend!


* A back-pack or bag of some sort
* Laptop/tablet or dictation device (if using these for lecture notes)
* Cardboard folders for work notes – bring different ones for different modules!
* A well-stocked pencil case
* Scissors, hole-punch, ruler, rubber, pencil-sharpener, stapler, sellotape, glue-stick and white-tack
* A4 Notepads for lecture notes
* Plenty of biros
* Dividers (if using a ring-binder)
* Calculator (if needed)


It’s handy to get a small storage box for these items so that they’re all kept in one place and easier to transport to and from uni! Again, all these items are available at Rootes Grocery Store or Wilko’s.


Don’t be in too much of a hurry to buy your textbooks brand new – not only are they often incredibly expensive (and in some cases heavy to lug around), but you may actually find for some courses that you are able to get by using the library’s copies rather than buying your own. There is, however, a bookshop on campus which is always well-stocked with all core texts. If ordering online, always check the retailer’s second-hand Marketplace listings, as you can often pick them up much cheaper there too!


Some departments may run their own second-hand book sales at the start of term, or check the SU’s Freshers Facebook group to see if last year’s Freshers are selling theirs!


* LAPTOP/DESKTOP PC + PRINTER – pretty much essential, though there are numerous IT & printing facilities on-campus if you don’t have access to one (printer credit is available to purchase online from IT Services).

* ETHERNET CABLE – hall rooms are equipped with both Wi-Fi and internet plug-in points. However, Wi-Fi can obviously be temperamental, so make sure you have a decent-length Ethernet Cable if planning to stay connected to the internet for any length of time or stream content! Again, however, there are extensive IT facilities available to use around campus.

* TV – if you’re planning on watching live TV (including on a PC, laptop or catch-up via BBC iPlayer), you’ll need an individual TV license.

* MP3 PLAYER/SPEAKERS – make sure you have a back-up of all your music if you don’t use streaming services.

* PLAYSTATION/XBOX/Wii – if you’re so inclined!

* CDs/DVDs/GAMES – if you’re not into MP3s & MPEGs, it’s worth considering bringing the individual discs in a portable wallet to minimise the amount of room they take up. Make sure it’s clearly labelled with your contact details though in case you lose it!

* MOBILE PHONE & CHARGER – most halls also have a payphone available, and international calling-cards are available on campus.

* MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – be warned, most halls can be quite strict on noise levels, particularly in the third term! However, if you can’t live without your guitar/clarinet/tuba, there are practice rooms available on campus in the Arts Centre. Bring headphones if you want to plug into an amp!

* INSURANCE - all campus-based halls come with a basic contents insurance package included in the rental price. HOWEVER, these generally do not cover special items such as laptops and mobiles, so if you require extra insurance, make sure you get this sorted. Also, be sure to LOCK YOUR DOOR every time you go out, even if it’s only for a few moments!

* Most halls provide a desk-lamp, but if not then they’re readily available for a cheap price nearby.

* There are also numerous poster and plant sales on campus throughout the term if you want to decorate your room!