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Spring Elections 2019: your chance to shape the future of Warwick

Between the dozens of hand-painted cardboard signs, countless lecture shout-outs and endless posts on social media, if there’s one thing you won’t have been able to avoid on campus this week, it’s the Spring Elections.

Whether it’s recent events closer to home or ongoing developments in the wider political landscape, the stakes couldn’t currently be higher for students at Warwick – which is why you really need to vote so that we have a strong Union that fights for you and represents your rights both locally and nationally!

Many students will want to see changes to the governance structures on campus in the wake of the Group Chat incident, while the rising cost of Higher Education, the high cost of student living, and conditions or opportunities for international and home students given the uncertain current political context remain hugely pressing issues. For postgraduates, concerns relating to fair pay for teaching, supervisor relationships and social integration are still at the forefront of many people’s minds.

The various candidates represent different political perspectives and ideologies, so it’s really important that you take the time to really investigate their manifestos and policies to make sure you know who (and what) you’re voting for! Engage with them online or in person around campus to find out how feasible their ideas are, then vote for the candidates who you think have the most realistic or achievable promises. We have an incredibly diverse student body here at Warwick which consists of different communities with their own specific needs, so it’s also important that you pick the people who you think would do the best job on behalf of the entire student population!

One final note, for those of you who may still think that these elections don’t affect you or “won’t make a difference”… think again! The legacy of current Officer teams both past and present is felt every day on campus - whether that’s in massive SU wins such as the establishment of Welcome Week and a 24-Hour Library, or those smaller day-to-day victories which are designed to make your life as a student just that little bit easier. So…

VOTE because your educational experience at Warwick depends on it.

VOTE because your experience as a member of a Sports Club or Society depends on it.

VOTE because the working conditions of your postgraduate tutors depends on it.

VOTE because your welfare as a student depends on it.

VOTE because the enjoyability, inclusivity and accessibility of your time here at the University or SU depends on it.


Read the candidate manifestos online HERE.

Watch footage from this week’s Candidate Question Time sessions HERE.

Don’t let decisions be made on your behalf! Find out how well your Sports Club, Society, Faculty or Department is currently being represented in the polls HERE

…And be sure to log in and cast your vote at before polls close at 7pm on Friday 1st March!