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Democracy & Development Officer

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Disabled Students' Officer

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LGBTUA+ Officer

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Ellie King

Postgraduate Officer

Futures Festival – coming soon in Week 9!

Futures Festival is the perfect opportunity for students from all year groups to discover what life after Warwick may hold. If the prospect of a grad scheme terrifies you, the idea of corporate finance bores you, or you haven’t a clue what you want to do with your degree, come and join us! Across five days, we’re filling Copper Rooms 2 with jobs you didn’t think existed, workshops on how to make the most of the skills you already have, and opportunities to connect with fellow students (both past and present) who can help you on your way to creating your future.

Futures Festival will be held from Monday 4th to Friday 8th March 2019 (Week 9). We’re taking over Copper Rooms 2 every afternoon for networking, workshops, and panel discussions to help you find your feet. We have five themed days to get you going:

- Monday is The Creative Industries
- Tuesday is Beyond Money: Charities and Non-Profits
- On Wednesday, we’re tackling Liberation Issues in the Workplace
- On Thursday we’re challenging you to Be Your Own Boss
- And on Friday, we’ll be wrapping up with some What’s Next? sessions if you’re still completely lost!

We have a full programme online here, where you can sign-up for some of the sessions you’re interested in.

Futures Festival is all about finding new opportunities and discovering what you need to do now to ensure your future success – whatever that looks like to you. Make sure you note the dates in your diary and come and join us in Copper Rooms 2 for a fantastic week of looking to the future!