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Ellie King

Postgraduate Officer

Why you should run for an Officer position in the Spring Elections

Do you care about supporting students and making Warwick a better place? Are you a final-year student who’s unsure what to do after graduation? Are you partway through your studies and looking to try something new? If so, being a leader at Warwick Students’ Union may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Nominations are currently open in our annual Spring Elections, where we elect our Student Officers in both part-time and full-time roles. Our full-time officers are in place for one year, earning over £20k for these working positions. Our part-time officers are fellow students still engaged with their studies, who volunteer their time to improve the lives of their fellow students and communities at Warwick.

There’s a range of different positions available, with 7 full-time officers and 6 part-time officers. They are a great opportunity for you to make change at Warwick by supporting and improving the student community, as well as providing an opportunity for you to gain skills and experience in a job like no other.

If you’ve been a Course Rep, a volunteer, or an exec member for a Society or Sports Club, then you’re a perfect candidate with communication, organisation and negotiation skills. Being an officer is a great way to develop these existing skills and learn a whole new set – from working in a team, to delegating, to providing leadership and strategic decision-making for a large charitable organisation. You’ll be a trustee, company director, and a leader of Warwick SU, with a chance to open so many doors for students - and some for yourself!

The other Officers will probably disagree, but Postgraduate Officer is definitely the best job of the lot! That’s because you get the best of all the worlds, and get to handle all the postgrad-specific issues of all the other officer roles. This can be anything from PG housing, to transport, to events, to welfare, to clubs and societies, and everything academic in-between. You have a lot of freedom to mould the job into whatever you want it to be - and while that can be scary, it can be incredibly rewarding too.

Postgrad Officer is split into two key sections. Firstly, it’s part of #TeamEducation, the best team out there. This means that you work very closely with the Education Officer on projects both within the SU and at the University. We look after all the Faculty Reps and Course Reps, and ensure that our student representatives are fully supported and empowered in their roles to make as big a difference as they can! We also sit on various committees within the University to do with education – including Senate, Academic Qualities and Standards Committee (AQSC for short, who deal with areas such as module approval, exam regulations and teaching quality) and the Student Learning Experience and Engagement Committee (SLEEC for short, which looks at things like the Black Attainment Gap, student skills and building a learning community). In Team Ed, we love acronyms, so get used to it! These committees, and reading all the papers for them, takes up about a third of my time, and are really important for ensuring the student voice gets heard within the University.

The other side of the job is a little more flexible and focuses on improving experiences for the postgraduate community. This can involve a whole range of things, and will likely be guided by the manifesto promises you are elected on. So far this year, I’ve been involved with improving the postgrad housing provision, improving the SU events programme for postgrads, introduced PG Reps into societies and sports clubs to better integrate postgrads into student life, and begun a campaign on the common issue of isolation of postgrad students. Taking on large projects such as these means you’ll get to work with a whole load of people from different departments within the SU and the University, and you’ll have the freedom to take on the issues that you feel are most important to the postgrad community.

Nominations close on Tuesday 12th February at 12pm Noon. If you want more information, speak to your current Officer Team, the Democracy team in SUHQ (that’s the building above Rootes Grocery Store) or head over to There you can find all the information you need about the roles available, how to nominate yourself, and the support you can get as a candidate.

Election Week may be the most difficult job interview of your life, but there’s no opportunity like this for you to Make Your Mark!