Sabbatical Officers

Ellen Holmes

Ellen is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

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Last post 23 Feb 2018
Ellie Martin

Ellie is the Sports Officer.

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Last post 09 Mar 2018
Emily Dunford

Emily is the Postgraduate Officer.

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Last post 23 Feb 2018
Hope Worsdale

Hope is the President

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Last post 04 Jan 2018
Liam Jackson

Liam is the Education Officer.

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Last post 24 May 2018
Michael Kynaston

Michael is the Democracy & Development Officer.

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Last post 23 Feb 2018
Niall Johnson

Niall is the Societies Officer.

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Part-time Officers

Alex Lythall

Alex is the Trans Officer.

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Anne-Marie Matthews

Anne-Marie is the Part-time & Mature Students' Officer.

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Julie Saumagne & Christian König

Julie and Christian are the Ethics & Environment Officers.

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Laura Addison & Amy Moores

Laura and Amy are the Women Officers.

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Last post 23 May 2017
Last comment 08 Mar 2014
Melissa P. Martin

Melissa is the Disabled Students' Officer.

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Last post 29 Sep 2016
Last comment 08 Mar 2014
Namir Rahim Chowdhury

Namir is the Ethnic Minorities Officer.

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Ryan C. Girard

Ryan is the LGBTUA+ Officer.

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Chloe Wynne

Chloe is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

What's Next?

In recent weeks, we’ve been asking students how they’re feeling and have received various responses back: “I feel like everyone else is ahead”, “I’m worried about not getting an internship” and “My future after university worries me” have been popular responses. We know that Term 1 feels stressful because you’re not only getting back into the rhythm of work, but also having to contemplate your career. Warwick often feels like a bit of a ‘rat race’ in this way, and the SU wants to do everything we can to alleviate this pressure.

First of all, there is no set way of "doing" university or getting a career. If you don’t get a fancy finance job or the best graduate scheme on the market, you’re still doing well. Success is defined by more than your productivity. It’s also worth noting that a slim minority of students end up on a graduate scheme. They aren’t right for everyone, and that’s fine – so don’t pressure yourself into making 100 blanket applications alongside all your other commitments, however tempting that is.

Instead, attend our new ‘What’s Next?’ event on 15th November (with another running on 28th April) to meet alternative organisations, meet travel companies, learn about postgraduate study, volunteering and third sector opportunities. Sign-ups are available HERE.

I've also prepared a short guide for Final-Year students on further steps you can follow if you don't get the results that you want - you can find it online HERE.