Student Officers

Balraj Dhingra

Balraj is the Sport Officer

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Last post 01 Aug 2018
Ben Newsham

Ben is the Democracy & Development officer

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Last post 20 Sep 2018
Emily Dunford

Emily is the Postgraduate Officer.

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Last post 23 Feb 2018
Jemma Ansell

Jemma is the Welfare Officer

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Last post 19 Sep 2018
Larissa Kennedy

Larissa is the Education Officer

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Leo Palma

Leo is the Societies Officer

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Liam Jackson

Liam is the President.

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Last post 24 May 2018

Part-time Officers

Alex Lythall

Alex is the Trans Officer.

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Anne-Marie Matthews

Anne-Marie is the Part-time & Mature Students' Officer.

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Josh Johnson

Josh is the LGBTUA+ Officer.

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Last post 19 Sep 2018
Julie Saumagne & Christian König

Julie and Christian are the Ethics & Environment Officers.

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Laura Addison & Amy Moores

Laura and Amy are the Women Officers.

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Last post 23 May 2017
Last comment 08 Mar 2014
Melissa P. Martin

Melissa is the Disabled Students' Officer.

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Last post 29 Sep 2016
Last comment 08 Mar 2014
Namir Rahim Chowdhury

Namir is the Ethnic Minorities Officer.

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Chloe Wynne

Chloe is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

Thu 25 May 2017

Sexual Violence reform at Warwick: a progress update

CW: contains discussion of sexual violence and assault This time last year, in my capacity as Women’s Officer...
Thu 11 May 2017

Study Drugs: why take the risk?

We all know just how stressful student life can be – particularly in Term 3, with deadlines, exams and dissertation...
Thu 03 Nov 2016

Fees and worries: how marketisation affects our collective wellbeing

Earlier in the term, a throwaway quip from SU President Luke Pilot on the eve of his election (you know...
Tue 25 Oct 2016

What's Next?

In recent weeks, we’ve been asking students how they’re feeling and have received various responses back...
Thu 29 Sep 2016

Protect yourself from rogue landlords!

You know how everyone always stresses the importance of filling out an inventory and taking pictures of your property as...