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Akosua Sefah

Democracy and Development Officer


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Charlotte Lloyd

Sports Officer

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Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Education Officer

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Postgraduate Officer

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Amara Okoye

Womens' Officer

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Trans Students' Officer

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Ethics & Environment Officer

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Disabled Students' Officer

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Ethnic Minorities Officer

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International Students' Officer (Non-EU)

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LGBTUA+ Officer

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Charlotte Lloyd

Sports Officer

Why you should run for Sports Officer in the Spring Elections!

Being a Student Officer is a brilliant experience. As Sports Officer, you get to oversee the running of the SU’s 65 sports clubs and play a big part in the planning of Sports Fair and Sports Day, as well as running termly Sports Forums, Club Photos and organising the annual Varsity weekend with Coventry. You’re also one of the most student-facing officers - or maybe that’s just because I’m at Pop! every week… (n.b. – this isn’t mandatory. Enjoy the Sports Officer role responsibly, kids!)

A large part of the role involves promoting the many amazing activities that our clubs get involved with – this year I’ve made an Instagram account, while we also have the Team Warwick Facebook account where I try and share as much club activity as possible, as well as posting a ‘Debunking the Myths’ video and Games of the Week during term-time. You can also get to run campaigns throughout the year! Alongside the ongoing Reshaping Sport campaign, we’ve managed to run campaigns for Trans Awareness Week, Pride Week, This Girl Can and Anti-Racism Week. While on a practical level this means that you’ll be co-ordinating club contributions, it can also take on a much bigger role through the lobbying of national governing bodies and organisations such as BUCS.

You’ll also have the task of liaising with Warwick Sport. This involves weekly meetings and lots of emails to try and make things run as smoothly as possible for students at Warwick, which isn’t always easy! (Disclaimer: it’s never easy). Although you represent both BUCS and non-BUCS sports, you’ll also end up at a lot of regional and national BUCS conferences, meetings and forums. This year, I was on the consultation group for BUCS Disability Sport, which was really interesting as it provided the opportunity to see the developments that NGBs and the HE sector in general are making in this area. You probably go to the most conferences of any of the Student Officers, so you’ll learn some good networking skills.

However, it’s not all about sport! You’ll also be involved with other areas of the University – for example, this year I somehow ended up as the Sabb in charge of University Health & Safety and Employability (which is ironic, since I end up in A&E more than most and don’t even have a CV). Within the SU itself, there’s SO MUCH non-sport stuff to get stuck into - as an elected Officer, you’re part of the main political leadership here at Warwick, so if something goes wrong, you’re the one who has to deal with it! It also means attending Student Council and supporting the other officers in their daily jobs or working on collaborative projects. As a Trustee, you’ll help oversee the general running and strategic direction of the SU. 

If you have any more questions about the job, then please feel free to drop me an email via charlotte.lloyd@warwicksu.com or pop up to my office SUHQ (I’ll hopefully be in). Good luck!

Nominations for the Spring Elections close at Noon on 11th February – for more information about the available roles and to nominate yourself, visit www.warwicksu.com/elections.