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An update on Sports Club price changes for 2019-20

There have been quite a few of you asking about the new pricing structure for joining Sports Clubs in 2019-20, so I’ve put together this blog post to hopefully help break things down a bit more clearly!

This year - as in previous years - students will need to purchase the Club Pass and pay the Sports Federation fee before they can join any clubs. Warwick is committed to equality and fairness in sport, so the main change this year is that the Club Pass will no longer be discounted from a Warwick Sport membership product (e.g. Gym, Swim and Sauna, Racquets), in order to give parity between club and non-club members.

With the Club Pass, club members can train and use facilities only during their club’s allocated training times. If they then want to train and use the facilities outside of these hours, they’ll need to also purchase a Warwick Sport membership.

If you want to join ONLY Off-Campus sports clubs, there is an Off-Campus Clubs fee, which is slightly cheaper than the Club Pass. However, you would still need to pay the Sports Federation fee.

Example:  “I want to join ‘X’ club, but I also want to use the gym in the mornings before lectures (i.e. not on club time)”.

You need to buy: Club Pass, Federation Fee, Membership to ‘X’ club, AND then separately the gym membership.

If you just want to join a sports club and never use the Warwick Sport facilities outside of those club sessions, then you’re fine - it’s basically the same price structure as last year. The only difference now is that if you want a gym membership or access to other facilities, the Club Pass is no longer deducted from the Warwick Sport membership cost.

“What does all this cover? Why so many different costs?”

Club Pass: Although you buy this through the SU, the income actually goes directly to Warwick Sport. It covers the use of their facilities and also contributes towards the club development programme, as well as partly covering BUCS fees. 

Sports Federation Fee: This covers SU insurance, so that you are fully covered if you get injured whilst playing your sport or are hiring minibuses and transport.  With so many students participating in a wide range of sports with different risks, we hope you will understand that the cost to the SU is extremely high, and without the Sports Fed fee we simply wouldn’t be able to provide as many opportunities as we do!

Club Membership Fee: This fee goes back into the club you’re buying membership from via the Club Grants given out by the SU. This can then be spent by the club on things such as coaching, equipment etc.

“That still seems really complicated – and expensive…!”

I, too, would ideally like the Club Pass and Sports Fed fee combined, just because it makes things so much easier for students - however, due to the timeline of Student Officer handovers, decisions had unfortunately already been made for the upcoming academic year.

I understand that many students people will feel that buying gym membership on top of what is close-on £100 for joining a club is too expensive. Student Officers who sit on the panel which decided these prices did oppose the increase by stating just that – however, though their objections were noted, the changes still went through.

The justification for the gym prices is as follows:

  • The brand new Sport and Wellness Hub is significantly bigger and better-equipped than the old Sports Centre.
  • Student members are already given a significant discount compared to other Warwick community members. For example, the Inclusive membership is £495 for 12 months – the equivalent student price is £299, representing a 40% discount.
  • The new pricing offers significant value for money when compared to other comparable providers, which has been informed by extensive market research. For example, the Warwick Sport Inclusive membership is £299 for 12 months, compared to £440 at Birmingham or £314 at Exeter.
  • Students also have access to lower-price memberships such as Swim, Sauna & Steam and Racquets – they don’t have to buy a gym membership.
  • Student members can now enjoy longer opening hours, with the Sport and Wellness Hub opening between 6am–11pm Monday to Friday and 7am–8pm Saturday to Sunday (over 500 hours a year more than the old Sports Centre).
  • Students get access to free-of-charge programmes including Rock Up and Play (51 sessions per week), Running/Walking Groups (11 sessions per week) and our Activity Zone (a free to use area), with additional free classes in the summer. 
  • The University is part of the BUCS UNIversal Gym Scheme. This means that students who have a Warwick Sport Gym or Inclusive membership are entitled to use over 60 university gyms nationwide. (If you are using your local uni gym at home during the holidays, you’re essentially paying £22 per month for use of a tip-top gym with the ‘Gym’ membership).


18/19 price
(12 months)

19/20 price
(12 Months)







Swim, Sauna & Steam












Club Pass



While I understand that many club members will have concerns about the price of sport at Warwick, hopefully the information above goes some way to justifying this recent increase. In addition to £49million of investment to improve the facilities available, the new pricing structure ensures that Warwick Sport is able to operate more sustainably and continue to offer the variety of facilities, programmes and services that are valued by our entire student community.