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So Long, Circuit Laundry!

Many of you will have had experience of Circuit Laundry during your time in University halls – and, indeed, many of you will have been left disappointed by a service that has consistently been rated by students as the worst aspect of living in university accommodation. When I was campaigning to become President earlier this year, the one issue that so many of you were passionate about was the need for improvements to laundry services on campus – and, to put it bluntly, that Circuit had to go.

Which is why I am pleased to say that, following a summer of discussion and lobbying the university, Circuit Laundry has now been removed from most halls and laundrettes on campus. In its place is a service which will hopefully be simpler, more reliable and an all-round more pleasant experience.

For those of you who make use of the laundrette behind the SU building or in some areas of Sherbourne, unfortunately Circuit remains in operation for the time being due to different contract lengths. With new competition on their doorstep, however, Circuit now has an actual incentive to listen to students’ concerns about the service they provide – their monopoly has effectively been broken.

This is of course not the end – we have no guarantee that Washpoint, the new laundry provider, will be amazing and so I will continue to gather data on how well the new service is working to ensure this marks a real improvement. Initial impressions are good, though: most notably, there is no need to buy a card or credit, while response times to breakdowns should also improve. I, and I’m sure future Officers, will continue the dialogue with Warwick Accommodation to make sure that the experience of doing laundry on campus continues to improve.

Happy washing!

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