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“What – POP! is now £5…?!”

By now, many of you will have noticed that the price of POP! tickets increased by £1 at the start of the 2019-20 academic year. Please rest assured that we haven’t taken this decision lightly, and so we wanted to be open and transparent about the reasons for the increase!

Included below are a few answers to your FAQs…

“POP! has cost £4 for years – why is this happening now?”

All POP! tickets have cost £4 since 2012. However, in the last 7 years, the amount we are paying our frontline staff has increased by over 40%, so please don’t think we are profiteering – we’ve held off on increasing this price for as long as we possibly could!

“But nearly 1500 people a week go to POP! - surely your costs haven’t gone up that much, given that it’s only a few bar staff and stewards?”

Not quite - add in the cleaners and maintenance staff who do such an amazing job on a Thursday transforming the carnage of Wednesday nights into a clean venue, the door staff (a combination of agency and our own) and technical staff, and suddenly those costs start to really stack up!

“I still don’t get how this merits a 25% increase in ticket price…”

There are also repairs as a result of general wear and tear, such as the 600 chairs and tables required for circling – sadly, a lot don’t last the entire year, and replacement costs have increased. With such heavy usage, other things break in the venue (such as toilet seats, doors and emergency lighting), and these costs have also gone up.

“Does this mean that drinks prices are also going up for POP!...?”

Although some drinks prices are increasing in all SU outlets as a result of increased costs, the staple POP! drinks will be staying the same price. This means that Circling prices aren’t increasing, while Jungbombs will also remain the same price. The prices we are holding account for 85% of all the drinks sales in POP!

Hopefully the above helps to outline why we’ve had to take this action, and reassure you that it’s not all getting squandered on manicures and personal grooming for Disco Dave. As always, all the money you spend in the SU’s outlets and nightclub gets directly reinvested back into a wealth of services we provide to students, so you always get much more for your cash than just a great night out!

Tickets for Term 1 events go on sale at Noon on Thursday 26th September, so that Sports Clubs and Societies have chance to chat to their members about upcoming socials at the Fairs this week. In the meantime, here’s looking forward to another great year of midweek mayhem, POP!-lovers!