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Why you should run for Democracy and Development Officer in the Spring Elections!

The DDO role of course involves an awful lot of overseeing SU democracy, helping to ensure publicity and turnout in the Autumn Elections, Spring Elections and All Student Vote. If by-laws, number-crunching and political strategy interest you at all, this could be the role for you! This year, I helped create the #MakeYourMark campaign to improve student interest in and engagement with the democratic process – if you have similar ideas which you think could help get students more engaged with their Union, this is the job to go for.

As noted previously, the Democracy side of the job basically absorbs a bit of everything – transport, finance, accommodation, the SU’s commercial operations, and loads more. It’s a broad remit, but one where you can achieve a lot! If you’ve ever thought that you have a great idea for a new night or wanted to change anything in the SU’s bars and food outlets, the DDO is the point-person for both student feedback and their own ideas.

There’s plenty more I could mention – the environmental portfolio, car parking, the University’s plans for buildings on campus, being the Union’s treasurer – the list goes on. I also oversee the SU’s accounts and input into the budgeting process to ensure that everything we do retains a strong student focus!

Nominate yourself here before Noon on 12th February:

Advice Centre