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#MakeYourMark at this term's All Student Vote!

A new year does of course bring many a New Year’s Resolution… and SPEAKING OF RESOLUTIONS - watch in wonder as I dovetail this seamlessly into some Democracy-related activity - don’t forget that Noon this coming Monday (14th January) is the deadline for submitting potential motions to the upcoming All Student Vote!

If you’ve ever been unhappy with something on campus - be it an issue that’s big or small - and wanted to change it, this is your chance to step up and help out. Successful motions passed during the All Student Vote (which takes place this term during Week 5) will become official SU policy for us to act or campaign on. Previous motions have led to SU successful campaigns on bus services, the 24-Hour Library and Welcome Week, along with issues such as Remembrance Sunday, providing an on-campus food bank donation point (my particular pet-project!), reducing library fines and more.

Your contributions really can make a huge difference to the student population at Warwick, so give it a go – you can find more information about current policies and how to write a motion online here:

Advice Centre