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Alice Churm

Postgraduate Officer

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Ben Newsham


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Charlotte Lloyd

Sports Officer

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Chloe Batten

Education Officer

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Luke Mepham

Societies Officer

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Milly Last

Democracy & Development Officer

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Tiana Holgate

Welfare & Campaigns Officer

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Part-time Officers

Alexandru Fugariu

Part-time & Mature Students' Officer

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Connie Gordon

LGBTUA+ Officer

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Last post 19 Sep 2018
Nathan Parsons

Disabled Students' Officer

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Trans Students' Officer.

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Rebecca Brown

 Ethics & Environment Officers

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Taj Ali

Ethnic Minorities Officer

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Talip Yaldaz

International Students' Officer EU

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Zishi Zhang

International Students' Officer NON-EU

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Ben Newsham


More than just Pop! – the Students’ Union, and how you can help lead it

A library that’s open 24 hours a day. A Welcome Week without lectures. More than 250 societies, and 28 years (or is it 29 now? We lose track, to be honest…) of consecutive Varsity victories. Reduced rents on campus, better bus services, fairer teaching conditions for postgraduates, and an Advice Centre that saved students more than £150,000 in the 2017/18 academic year alone.

The Students’ Union has changed the University of Warwick in countless ways by campaigning for the interests of students. It’s a fight that we carry on every day – led by students for students, and directly accountable to students. However, we can only carry out that work effectively and represent students’ interests if your voices are being heard!

Very soon, you’ll have a chance to choose who you want to represent you in all aspects of Union life. Our eight Executive Committees (‘Execs’) work closely with the Student Officers elected every spring, helping them to deliver on their manifesto pledges and holding them to account. Delegates to the NUS (National Union of Students) Conference represent students to help decide what our national priorities should be, while Faculty Reps work with the University to shape the future of every single course here at Warwick. All of these positions will be chosen by YOU and your fellow students in October.

These positions are open to students who are interested in getting involved -  no experience is required other than the drive to make a difference. Nominations are open NOW, and there’s no better way to start making your mark on life at Warwick than standing for election to ensure that the Union acts in the interests of all students. The Students' Union has the capacity to greatly improve students’ lives at Warwick and beyond – from the smallest idea for a change on campus to taking part in national campaigns. However, that capacity can only be used effectively if we have passionate individuals leading the way.

If you have a view, it’s time to make it heard. Find out more about the various positions that are available and nominate yourself at

If you have any questions about the Autumn Elections – the positions for election, how to write a manifesto, campaigning, or anything else – please feel free to get in touch. I can be found in the Student Officer team’s offices on Floor 1 of the SUHQ building, or via email: