Accommodation & Housing

Moving Out Campaign – COVID 19 Guidance 

Following the easing of restrictions and latest guidance on home moving by the Government, if you’re currently planning to return home, travel back to your term time address to collect belongings or permanently moving out of your current residence we wanted to provide you with the latest advice, guidance and useful information you might need. 

We will continue to update this advice as and when it come available. If you have any further questions, get in touch with the SU Advice Centre by follow this link and filling in the enquiry form.

The Warwick Accommodation team have now issued updates regarding Warwick-managed accommodation, both on and off-campus - see their webpages for further details. 

For answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about private accommodation, please see our FAQ guide HEREPlease also click HERE to read SU Welfare & Campaigns Officer Tiana Holgate's blog post regarding off-campus rental agreements during Term 3.

For specific On-Campus and Off-Campus information plus some general information related to both, please click on the tabs below:

  • You must book a slot at least 48 hours in advance of attending campus. Click here to book a specific timeslot.
  • Use a local removal company that the University has partnered with. This also applies to off campus Warwick-accommodation managed properties!
  • Ask the University to donate your belongings to charity or dispose of anything else. More information here.
  • If you can’t get to your off-campus property managed by Warwick Accommodation to collect your belongings yourself, you can arrange for someone else to collect them for you, or contact your property manager.
  • Contact your letting agent/landlord to advise them of your plans, to plan for returning keys.
  • If you are unable to meet contractual obligations such as cleanliness due to having already left the property, discuss this with them too.
  • If you cannot collect your belongings before your contract ends, we recommend contacting your landlord or letting agent to discuss potential flexibility in your contract or flexibility in collecting belongings.
  • Take final meter readings and record the date, especially if you’re leaving prior to the end of your contract.
  • If you can, donate all non-perishable food to your local food bank. Food banks are still open during this time and you can find your closest one here.
  • If you have unwanted belongings and clothes, keep hold of them. Although many charity shops and recycling centres are closed, they can be donated once they re-open & it’s best to keep them out of the bin!
  • Ensure that all household waste is not left in your room or property by using the appropriate bins outside.