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Complaints Form

Please review the Warwick SU Complaints Policy before completing this form. Informal advice and guidance can be obtained from the Students’ Union Advice and Welfare office.

Confidentiality: Data and information collected during the complaints process will be treated as confidential. If the complaint indicates evidence of potential criminal activity or harm to an individual, Warwick SU reserves the right to break confidentiality. If there is a need to break confidentiality, this will be approved by the Warwick SU President or their representative. Complainants are expected to abide by the same rules and any breach of confidentiality will be investigated as a disciplinary matter. This information will be used for monitoring purposes and will be stored securely. Data will be retained in line with the Warwick SU Data Protection Policy and will be destroyed after seven years.

Withdrawing a complaint: You may choose to withdraw a complaint at any stage of the process. A decision to withdraw the complaint must be made in writing and submitted to In these circumstances the Students’ Union will assess the information submitted to identify any potential risks or legal responsibilities. If there is a potential risk the Students’ Union may continue to investigate and will retain information as outlined above. If there is no risk identified the Students’ Union will review whether there is any need to retain information, and if not, the information will be destroyed.

Anonymous complaints will not be dealt with. If a student wishes to remain anonymous they can submit general feedback using

Submitting the complaint: Please complete this form and submit it online. Your complaint will be acknowledged within three days. You will then be asked to supply any supporting material by email to

Section 1 Personal Details

Section 2 Student Details

Section 3 Your Complaint

Section 4 Relevant Individuals

Please supply brief details of individuals that have information that is relevant to your complaint. By supplying these details you are confirming that you give your consent to these individuals being contacted by Warwick SU

Section 5 Relevant Documentation

If you have any supporting information or material that you wish to submit, please list it here. You will be asked to supply this separately as the first part of the process.

Section 6 Resolution


Submitting the complaint: By submitting this form you are confirming that you are aware of and have read the Warwick SU Complaints Policy and Procedure and that you agree that all information relating to this complaint will be kept in accordance with Warwick SU’s Data Protection Policies.