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Teaching FAQs 

What is expected of me as a teacher?

You MUST be a World@Warwick member for insurance purposes. We ask you to commit to at least one hour per week per group you lead, and the time it takes to prepare it. We can give you suggestions on where you to hold your group. It may be a good idea at your first session to ask the people attending what they want to get out of their experience as this may help you decide how to organise your sessions. You don’t need to have any previous experience to run a group and you can run a group with a friend if you wish.

Are there any meetings / training sessions for teachers?

We don't offer training for group leaders because we want these sessions to be informal, social and fun. However we can give you advice if you ask! Just speak to one of our exec or send us an email!

How do I become a group leader?

If you are interested in becoming a group leader, please email P.Vacca@warwick.ac.uk with:

  • Your name

  • Languages spoken

  • Level(s) you want to teach

  • Times you are available

 Please put 'Language Group Leader' as the subject of the email.

I don't have any teaching experience, can I still run a group?

Yes, of course you can! We want these classes to be informal, fun and we'd like you to become friends with the people in your class - there is no pressure, there are no exams, it's all about sharing language and culture! 

How does running a language group benefit me?

Firstly, you get to meet new and interesting people. Secondly, you get to experience teaching in an informal setting - especially good for people considering teaching as a career. Finally, this looks fantastic on your CV, particularly if you are interested in applying to the British Council teaching schemes (or equivalent schemes in other countries), TeachFirst or other graduate schemes which involve teaching!

Where can I run my class?

You can run your class in any of the public places on campus, some places where you could run your group are:

  • Bar Fusion

  • Curiositea 

  • Library Café

  • Costa 

  • The atrium

  • Terrace Bar

Alternatively, if you email us we can book you a room on a weekly basis.  Please don't book rooms yourself as it is a requirement that a member of our exec books the room on behalf of the society.

Please do not run groups in private venues such as hall kitchens and don't post details of your group in any public place, including on Facebook- it's for your safety and, in any case, only World@Warwick members should be able to see the location of classes.

Which level should I teach?

It really depends on how confident you are with the language. Here are some guidelines:

  • If you are a native / fluent speaker of the language then you can run any level, provided that you are confident to explain things in English in depth (this is particularly important for beginners classes). We prefer our Advanced teachers to be native speakers and for the class to take place in the target language. 
  • If you are not a native speaker but are studying the language at university then we would recommend you teach a 'Just for Fun' or 'Beginners' group.  If you are particularly able and confident then it may be possible for you to run an 'Intermediate' group.

If you are still not sure where you might fit in, please email su666@warwicksu.com and we will be happy to advise you. 

Do you provide teaching materials?

We don't provide teaching materials but we can direct you to useful websites and give you ideas of what to cover in your groups.

What should I do if one week I can't run my session?

You can either (preferably) change the time of your class or cancel the class completely.  If you need to do this please:

  1. Contact the current Language Group Coordinator by emailing P.Vacca@warwick.ac.uk. Please let us know by the Friday morning before your class is due to happen (so that we can change the timetable we send with our newsletter email on Sunday)
  2. Inform members of your group of the cancellation/change in time

What should I do if I don't want to run my group any more?

If you don't want to run your group any more please email su666@warwicksu.com with your information - and don't worry, we appreicate how busy you are and how crazy uni life can be!

If you still have any questions ... 

Please email su666@warwicksu.com and we will do our best to help you!