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Weather and Clothing

Suitable Clothing for the Weather

British weather is joked about all over the world. You might even have heard the myth that it rains here everyday! So what is the truth about the weather in the UK and what sort of clothes should you bring?

The British winter can be very cold and it does rain a lot, around 1/3 of the year in fact. There may be snow on the ground for up to 2 months in some areas. It can be very windy a lot of the time but in summer the average temperature is quite mild - around 20 degrees Celsius or more.

All of the information you could ever need about British weather can be found on the Met Office website.

Students coming for half a year will probably only need winter clothing. If you are coming for a year you will need to bring a mix of clothes to allow for the weather being a bit unpredictable! A list of essential items for the colder weather:

  • One very warm coat
  • One pair of thick, warm gloves
  • Several pairs of warm socks
  • One pair of winter boots/shoes
  • A warm hat and thick scarf
  • Suitable leg-wear for the girls: thermal tights/leggings

When choosing what to pack, bear in mind the sort of person you are - are you normally hot or cold? Clothing can be bought very cheaply in the UK (we love Primark!) - it would be perfectly safe to wait until you arrive at Warwick to buy most things. Umbrellas can be bought very cheaply here too so there is no need to bring one in your suitcase!

Clothes and shoe sizes

The chances are, especially if you are staying in the UK for a year, that you will want or need to buy some clothes and/or shoes.

Click here for a conversion tool that will allow you to convert any clothes size into all other international sizes in one table. You must enter the size you wish to convert in the box under ‘convert size’ and then choose what sizing system it belongs to from the drop-down menu. For example, a girl with a UK size 10 dress who would like to know what her size would be in Italy should type 10 in the ‘convert size’ box. She should then choose ‘UK/Ireland Women’s Dresses and suits’ from the drop-down menu. Click convert and all of the international size conversions will appear in a table below.

For shoes, consult this international shoe size chart.