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If you are on campus and there is an emergency it is very important that the first thing you do is call Campus Security. From a land-line telephone on campus you can do this by dialling 22222. If you are not near to a land-line telephone you can call the security team from a mobile phone with the following number: >024765 22222. It might be a good idea to save this number in your mobile phone now! The reason for doing this is so that campus security can guide the emergency services to the correct part of the campus when they arrive and provide first aid if necessary. There are also some dedicated emergency phones located around the campus and you can see their locations on this map.



Full details of eligibility for NHS care in the UK can be found here. Further information specifically for international students can be found here.

The campus health centre offers an excellent information sheet in 20 foreign languages which explains everything you need to know about health services in the UK. We would highly recommend that you read this document if it is provided in your language.

If you need a doctor, you live within the catchment area, you have adequate health insurance (a European Health Insurance Card suffices for EU students, or private insurance for non-EU students) but it is not an emergency then you can visit the campus Health centre but you will need to make an appointment first. If eligible, you will need to register there as soon as you arrive at Warwick. If you are living on campus your resident warden should have already given you information about how to do this. If not, ask! If you live further away, for example in Leamington Spa, you can find and contact your nearest doctor’s surgery in the local telephone directory. If you do not have adequate health insurance but you live close enough to the campus health centre then they will help you anyway but you will need to pay and you still need to make an appointment! Before making a doctor’s appointment, think first about how serious your problem is… could it be solved instead by going to the local pharmacy?

Unfortunately the health centre is not available at weekends so if you need non-emergency help at the weekend, please go to the Coventry walk-in centre.

If, after visiting the doctor, you need medicine, you will be given a prescription which you will need to pay for whether you are eligible for NHS care or not; it is only the amount you pay which will differ. Prescriptions can be taken to any pharmacy.

Please note that painkillers can be bought very cheaply in supermarkets, sometimes for as little as 12p a pack, so it is always best to get these from the shop for minor ailments such as headaches.


There is no dentist on campus but there will be many dentists nearby listed in the local telephone directory. As with doctors, it is necessary to be registered at and make an appointment with a dentist’s surgery in order to be treated unless it is an emergency. As with doctors, dentists generally work for the NHS but some are private and you can pay for their services. This can be very expensive so we would recommend that you take out adequate health insurance before coming to the UK so that you can use the NHS services if you need them.

Dentists in the UK tend to be very busy and sometimes they can’t accept new patients because they have too many. It is better to register as soon as you arrive in the UK, especially if you are staying for a year, to avoid any problems in the future.

Each dentist’s surgery should have an ‘out of hours’ emergency number to call if you break a tooth during the night or have some other sort of tooth disaster! When you register, make a note of this number just in case you need it in the future.