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Speed Friending with Olly!

Event from Sabbatical Officers

Wednesday 03 February 2021, 5pm - 6pm


Weekly Speed Friending with Olly!


Make some new online friends at Warwick! Quick fire rounds with conversation starters to get some social interaction in our lives!


You will need a google account, camera, microphone and internet! Click on the link at 5pm on Wednesday, and you will be able to see Olly on the stage in the top right – you can message in chat there and we will start the first event at 5:10! You will be matched with one other person on the event and you will find conversation prompts on the right hand side of the screen (you can flick through the cards to find a new prompt).

If you would like the link, please email! There's a limit of 40 people to please let me know asap for the link!

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