Event from Fetish Society

Monday 02 November 2020, 6pm - 8pm


Teams Link: Will be added soon

The second FetSoc quiz of the year - like a pub quiz, except online! Including rounds on a variety of topics (with varying relevance to BDSM and fetish), this exciting event is a great chance to show off your knowledge on a range of subjects, and to learn lots of fun facts. You can participate alone or in a team (there will be additional voice channels available on the Discord server for those wishing to collaborate on there), and we'll be collecting and marking answers to find an overall winner!

If you'd rather not use your real name, here's how to use a pseudonym on Teams:

  1. Copy and paste the link above in a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome private/incognito window
  2. Block any Teams popups which might appear
  3. Click "Continue on this browser"
  4. Type a pseudonym and click Join

If you don't mind using your real name, you can just open the link above as you usually would.

Additional Information: This event will be held via Microsoft Teams. Everyone is welcome at our events: you don't have to be kinky, just open minded and respectful! Our only requirements are that attendees are 18+ and members of the University of Warwick.

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