The Big Debate

Event from SU Student Voice

Tuesday 24 September 2019, 1pm - 2pm

Meeting Room 2, SUHQ

Big Debates are all about getting you together and expressing your voice on topics that matter.

The topic for this debate is:

"To what degree is sustainability and social responsibility essential for Universities"

The debate will discuss you views on this topics and look at questions like:

  • What do we mean by sustainability and social responsibility?

  • Is it solely a corporate responsibility or should it be embedded in everything the University does?

  • Should, and could, this be put into every cirriculum?

  • Are we in a climate emergency and what can we do?

  • What responsiblity do students have and what is the University and Union?

These are just some of the questions that are here to help start and encourage debate but we want to hear from you.


We want you to be fully ready to discuss and debate your views on our Big Debate topics. Our Big Debates are a place were fellow students can openly discuss our topics and express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. To help get you ready we have provided some content below to get you thinking:

If you could watch something before this debate:       

TEDx - Is sustainability the future of education

TEDx - Education for Sustainability

If you could listen to something before this debate:   

WONKHE Podcast - Labour, Decolonisation, Housing

Freshed Podcast - Climate Change, Education and Sustainability

If you could read something before this debate:         

University chief bans all beef from campus in fight against 'climate change emergency'

Warwick ranked 60 of 154 UK universities in green league table

WONKHE - From a climate emergency to a plan for sustainability


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