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Board Games

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Wed 27 September 2023 14:00-16:00
27/09/2023, 14:00 - 27/09/2023, 16:00

Wednesday 27 September 2023, 2.00PM - Wednesday 27 September 2023, 4.00PM

SUHQ - The Green Room 

SU Board game events are a blast!

Get some friends, or make new on the day and try out some of our favourite games like Monopoly or Scrabble, and have a friendly competition.

It's a great way to bond, strategize, and have loads of fun together! 

For those of you new to Board games and wondering what they are - they are tabletop games that typically involve players moving pieces or tokens on a board according to a set of rules. They can be competitive or cooperative, and they come in various themes and genres.


SUHQ - The Green Room

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