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50% off Domino's Pizza with no minimum spend, only
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Warwick Student Cinema: FREE FOR MEMBERS: Bee Movie

Event from Warwick Student Cinema

Sunday 01 October 2023, 6.30PM - Sunday 01 October 2023, 8.00PM


Come see FREE FOR MEMBERS: Bee Movie presented with stunning 4K Laser Projection on the big screen in L3! 

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a film about a bee suing humanity for the exploitation of his kind should work. Faced with the scary prospect of life post graduation (same), Barry B. Benson decides to become a daring pollen collector, who ventures out into the world to collect the all-important pollen to keep the hive alive. Outside, he meets Vanessa, who shows him that in reality, life for bees isn't as sweet as he thought. In the midst of the current climate crisis, perhaps its message is more pertinent than ever: Save the bees! (And maybe even dump your boyfriend for one). [Sophie Cooper]

Wait! Are you buying a Non-Member's ticket? Do you have SocsFed?

Then get yourself a WSC membership instead! It's £4 and it comes with a free film (so it's the same price as your non-member's ticket!), plus you'll get a load of extra benefits, including Free For Member's screenings, discounted tickets for the rest of the year, voting rights, early notice of our events, and the option to join our crew!

The Warwick Student Cinema is a fully licensed independent cinema fully run by students. Find out more about us on our SU webpage or on our website.

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