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Warwick Student Cinema: The Dark Knight - Late

Event from Warwick Student Cinema

Sat 28 May 2022 21:30-23:30
28/05/2022, 21:30 - 28/05/2022, 23:30

Saturday 28 May 2022, 9.30PM - Saturday 28 May 2022, 11.30PM

L3, Science Concourse 

Come see The Dark Knight presented on 35mm film on the big screen in L3!

In 2008 The Dark Knight became one of the biggest sequels of all time. Building on Batman Begins, this dark take on Gotham brought a new spin to one of the classic bad guys of comic book history, with Heath Ledger’s portrayal of ‘The Joker’.

Set not on making himself filthy rich, he aims to introduce a little anarchy by throwing a spanner into the works and upsetting the established order. Batman’s problem – how to stop a man that even the famous Gotham mobsters can’t keep in check?

Whilst Ledger took all of the awards, Christian Bale is superb. Torn between the woman he loves and the city he has sworn to protect, by a maniacal opponent who simply finds him “too much fun” to want to kill him. Throw conflicted roles by Eckhart and Gyllenhaal into the mix, along with splashes of Oldman, Freeman and Caine and there’s really not a weak link to be found.

Christopher Nolan was well known in film circles prior to 2008’s stand-out blockbuster. Memento, Batman Begins and The Prestige had set his career off at a sprint. With The Dark Knight he pushed himself up to the next level – one that Inception and The Dark Knight Rises have had to live up to.

With a plot to match the acting and direction, as well as all the effects you’d expect from a comic book blockbuster, make sure you see The Dark Knight as it was made to be seen – at the cinema.

Robert Gardner


£3.00 (Members)
£4.00 (General)
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