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Warwick Student Cinema: Vertigo

Event from Warwick Student Cinema

Mon 17 January 2022 19:30-21:30
17/01/2022, 19:30 - 17/01/2022, 21:30

Monday 17 January 2022, 7.30PM - Monday 17 January 2022, 9.30PM

L3, Science Concourse 

Come see Vertigo presented on 35mm film on the big screen in L3!

While pursuing a suspect over rooftops, San Francisco police detective John 'Scottie' Ferguson (Stewart) misjudges a leap and ends up dangling from a gutter, over a hundred feet of air. A police colleague tries to retrieve Scottie from the ledge but, in doing so, tragically falls to his death. From this incident Scottie develops a paralyzing fear of heights and consequently is forced to retire from the police force. Early in his retirement, Scottie bumps into an old college friend, Gavin Elster (Helmore), who hires Scottie as a private investigator after reports that his wife Madeleine (Novak) is acting strangely and has grown obsessed with an ancestor of hers. The assignment draws Scottie out of his comfortable role as observer and into a complex web of intrigue, mingled with the detective's own fantasies and fears...

'The Master of Suspense' demonstrates yet again why he is considered one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, with his masterful job of blending different cinematic elements together. Accompanied by a memorable and haunting score by composer Bernard Herrmann, Vertigo also boasts an exceptional performance from Stewart as a disintegrating detective, while Novak, who was left largely undirected by Hitchcock, conveys a subtle and powerful psychological journey. Vertigo is Alfred Hitchcock's haunting and complex tale of deception, madness and death. It is a mystery whose continual narrative twists and turns make it an unforgettable movie-going experience.

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