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Introduction to Warwick Engineering Society

Event from Warwick Engineering Society

Wed 29 September 2021 18:00-19:00
29/09/2021, 18:00 - 29/09/2021, 19:00

Wednesday 29 September 2021, 6.00PM - Wednesday 29 September 2021, 7.00PM

H0.52, Humanities Building 

Freshers! - Don't miss your opportunity to be part of Warwick's largest STEM society. Come and meet the exec team to learn everything about our society including social events, career opportunities, our annual ball and more. There is also the opportunity to represent the society and learn how to become one of our year 1 ambassadors. Join us at 18:00 on Wednesday 29th September for lots of fun and FREE FOOD! The maximum capacity is 30 people so make sure you get there first!

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