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Engineering Insights: Security in a Cyber-physical World – from Citizens to Space

Event from Warwick Engineering Society

Thursday 25 February 2021, 7pm - 7:30pm

Microsoft Teams 

Join us for Engineering Insights - our speaker series replacement for Site Visits. In these series of technical talks, we will see how engineers overcome challenges in the line of work so you can see how your degree could tie with a future career.

Kickstarting this series we have Professor Carsten Maple (director of research in Cyber Security) who has worked with government committees, is globally recognised and has over 200 peer reviewed papers.

He will be talking with us about Future AI & Robotics for Space (FAIRSPACE) and his Alan Turing Institute project investigating privacy-protecting methods for identifying people based upon their digital footprints. 2 PDR Points available.

This is a members-only event hosted on the Engineering Society Members' Microsoft Team.

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