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Magic: the Gathering Draft (Innistrad: Midnight Hunt) [WELCOME WEEK]

Event from Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society

Tue 28 September 2021 18:00-22:00
28/09/2021, 18:00 - 28/09/2021, 22:00

Tuesday 28 September 2021, 6.00PM - Tuesday 28 September 2021, 10.00PM


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If you like drafting Magic: the Gathering, then this is the event for you! We draft an assortment of the latest standard set, cubes, unusual sets (e.g. Masters, Unstable, Battlebond...) and flashbacks, which are all scheduled in advance on our website ( For this Welcome Week draft, we'll be playing the latest standard set (Innistrad: Midnight Hunt).

Please note: draft is a competitive format, and is thus not suitable for people who have never played Magic: the Gathering before! If you want to learn how to play Magic, we recommend you check out our Casual Card Games events, where someone can teach you how to play.

This in-person event will start at the listed venue and then split between multiple rooms as to allow socially-distanced play.

Entry is £10 (paid in cash in person at the start of the event) - this includes 3 boosters to draft with and an extra booster per player being added to a prize pool. We meet between 6 and 6.30pm to organise pods and play casual games, then begin the draft proper at 6.30pm. There are normally 3 rounds (swiss pairings), with the pack prizes given to first place and everyone who wins two or more matches.

If you wish to attend our in-person events, you must abide by the following rules or you will be asked to leave:

  • We will be mandating that masks are worn by all participants along with social distancing in accordance with government advice. If you do not wear a mask, if you do not abide by social distancing rules, and/or if you do not practise proper sanitation, you will be told to leave our event.
  • If you feel ill or are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay at home. We won't be chasing you up if you miss your session or anything like that - we'd much rather you got better and didn't infect anyone else! Plus, we are offering online versions of all of our events (except LARP), so you won't be missing out.
  • We ask that you wash and sanitise your hands before, during and after your play session. We will endeavour to provide hand sanitiser as well as disposable gloves if you would like to wear those while playing. Furthermore, we ask you not to eat during your play session.
  • Tables will be sanitised after people have finished playing on them, ready for new players to sit down and play.
  • If you sign up to this event, you are agreeing to abide by all the rules we set out above, and our Code of Conduct ( Do not sign up if you do not agree with them.

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