Digital Casual Card Games (Magic: the Gathering and Netrunner)

Event from Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society

Thursday 17 September 2020, 5pm - 10pm


We play Magic: the Gathering and Netrunner online, so if you want to play or learn either of these casual card games, this is the event for you!

For Magic, we usually play commander/EDH to a variety of power levels (from casual builds to cedh). As we’re playing online, you don’t need any physical cards - all you need is a decklist, and even then we can supply you with one if you’ve never played commander before! We also play Modern, if that’s your cup of tea. If you’ve never played Magic before and want to learn, just let one of our exec know, and we’ll be able to teach you.

For Netrunner, we have a small casual community of a mix of player abilities that play the standard format and (sometimes) cube draft. We have many beginners (including players that have learned during previous Welcome Weeks) so are very happy to teach and get you into games with newer players. You don’t need to own any cards to play and we have built many intro decks both online and in-person for you to try out!

How to access event: Please join our Discord server via the invite link, as we will be using the text and voice chat to play. We play Magic: the Gathering via Cockatrice ( Please make sure to download and install Cockatrice ahead of time, and make an account on their servers Rooster Ranges and/or Chickatrice. We play Netrunner via ( which does not require downloading but needs a free account. If you have any questions, please ask on our Discord server.

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