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Event from Rock Soc

Saturday 20 October 2018, 10pm - 2am

Copper Rooms 2


Mayhem is an event run exclusively by Warwick RockSoc and DJed by our own Vice Pres and MC, DJ Carl. The new and revamped night is open to both members of RockSoc and non-members! We have only one goal, and that one goal is to keep rock and roll alive at Warwick Uni! With a mix of metal, punk, indie and ska there is never a shortage of moshpits and conga lines!

Bring your friends, your bus driver, your dog (actually we are being serious, dogs are great) and even your nan to enjoy Warwicks one and only alternative music night! Come to Copper Rooms 2 on the 20th October to experience all the bangers that these genres have to offer whatever you are into!

Post all your requests on the Facebook event page! Tickets are available on the SU Website so don't delay and make sure to buy as soon as possible!

There will also be a Rock Soc Pre-Mayhem Social in the Graduate from 7:00pm. There will be copious amounts of purple, beer pong and circling games to get you well and truly ready to mosh your heart out! You don't have to be a member to come but if you would like to join, buy your membership here to keep in the loop! Hope to see you all there! 


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