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Real Ale Lisbon Tour 2019

Event from Real Ale

Monday 24 June 2019, 9am - 5pm


The Warwick Real Ale Society tour is an established tradition in the society's long history. The aim
of the tour is to allow the members of the Real Ale society to experience the culture and
craftsmanship of a country prominent in the artistry of brewing, and to help our members to further
both the society and themselves.

The tour will help to increase the effectiveness of organising and running the Real Ale festival and will
also develop our knowledge of the craft of international brewing. This will be invaluable experience for
future commercial brews. To achieve this, we have several activities planned while in Lisbon, such as
a brewery tour, as the brewing process is different in every country and attendance at local pubs to
experience local beer.

The event is open to all members of the Real Ale society that served at our festival, allowing students
from all the years, including postgraduates and staff, to attend if they wish to do so. We are looking to
take 25 people, as a maximum for safety. The trip also acts as a celebration of the society and the
success of the festival as we move forward into next year.
This tour will provide essential international ale experience, allowing us to develop our range of
international beers at the festival so that we can out-perform the festival the year before.

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