Irish Virtual Pub Quiz

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Sunday 20 September 2020, 8pm - 9pm


Warwick Irish Society presents our International Pub Quiz! New students from around the world will team up with existing members to compete on their knowledge of the island of Ireland. The event will be held on our society Discord channel (more information will be released closer to the event). This is a great way to get a feel of the kinds of events we'll be holding this term!

We will also be encouraging attendees to make donations for the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund. During the Great Hunger, the Choctaw Nation generously gave £170 to "the relief of the starving poor in Ireland" in 1847 - Warwick Irish Society, and many individuals in Ireland, are now raising money for another group of Indigenous people in the United States of America suffering during COVID-19. Donations are not mandatory, or a requirement to attend, but are greatly encouraged!

More information about Irish donations to the fund:

The fund itself (via GoFundMe): 

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