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Afrofest: The Undisputed

Event from African & Caribbean Society

Sat 03 December 2022 18:00-02:00
03/12/2022, 18:00 - 04/12/2022, 02:00

Saturday 03 December 2022, 6.00PM - Sunday 04 December 2022, 2.00AM

The Copper Rooms, Coventry CV4 7AL 

Afrofest is an annual event hosted by the African-Caribbean society in which we showcase and celebrate African and Caribbean culture through mediums such as drama, choir, fashion and dance. This show is usually centred around a script written by a member of the ACS, which conveys a particular theme. This year’s theme is THE UNDISPUTED, which aims to induce feelings of nostalgia and laughter as the audience is taken on a journey through the development of the African and Caribbean cultures in the UK. This event encourages inclusivity and teamwork between all performers and the rest of the members of ACS. It is targeted at Warwick students but family and supporters outside the university are welcome. It is an opportunity to recognise the differences between our cultures, whilst having fun and enjoying the different mediums of entertainment. After the event, its success and the efforts of the performers will be celebrated at the after-party, and everyone will be given a chance to unwind and dance to music provided by a guest DJ and performances by artists. As a society, we aim to harness these talents and use them artistically to create something beautiful and intellectually stimulating so that everybody, performer, audience member or behind the scenes, can take something positive away from the show. Can't wait to see you all there!!


£25.00 (Member Show+Party)
£29.00 (NonMem Show+Party)
£35.00 (VIP Show+Party)
£15.00 (Afterparty Only)
£10.00 (Performers Only)
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