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Tennis Dom Tour 2019

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Friday 15 November 2019, 2pm - 11am


Hello again everyone from the only exec member in history stupid enough to volunteer from a different landmass. This is the official event page for Warwick Tennis's 2019 Domestic Tour. We go on dom tour in term one every year to a mystery location, and this year promises to be another cracker. If you've been before then you'll know that this is not an event to be missed. If not, ask some of our more seasoned members and they'll all tell you some of their best memories of uni come from Dom Tour. There will be circling, there will be night's out, there will be sober socials that we'd never normally get the chance to do and there will be memories you want to be part of.


This year Dom Tour will be going from 14:00 on the 15th of November until the morning of the 17th. We will be travelling by a combo of coach and car before circling and going out on Friday night. On Saturday we will spend the day hanging out, doing a surprise social together in the area before having another big night which will include tour awards. Finally on Sunday we will drag ourselves out of bed, make our apologies to the locals and return home with a host of stories that we'll never be able to repeat.


Tickets are just £77 for members and £85 for non-members. I know this is more than I originally said, but we've had a minor crisis with transport. £77 is still very cheap as far as sports tours normally go. Numbers are limited and tickets are only on sale till Friday, so make sure you grab yours ASAP. 


Can't wait to see you all again soon, and for fresh, can't wait to finally get a chance to hate you all.

All the best,


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