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Table Tennis Domestic Tour!

Event from Table Tennis

Wed 22 Jun 2022 09:00 - Fri 24 Jun 2022 19:00
22/06/2022, 09:00 - 24/06/2022, 19:00

Wednesday 22 June 2022, 9.00AM - Friday 24 June 2022, 7.00PM


Join all of your friends and teammates in Table Tennis Club as we celebrate the end of the year with a fantastic, fun-packed trip to Blackpool! We will be setting off from campus/Coventry on the morning of Wednesday 22nd June and spending two nights at the Avano Hotel in Southern Blackpool before heading back on Friday afternoon on the 24th. You'll have the freedom to do whatever you wish during the trip, but we warmly invite everyone to come to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with us, and also to round off the trip with a nice meal out together. There are many attractions to explore throughout Blackpool, including the beaches, the piers, Blackpool Zoo, Blackpool Tower, and the general nightlife - but it's pretty much up to you!

As well as the member and non-member options, tickets come in two further subtypes. The first type is accomodation only (note this does not include breakfast, which can be bought separately when there) and the second type includes Pleasure Beach entry as well (to clarify: this is the theme park, not the actual beach). Both are subsidised for members. There are a maximum of 23 tickets available, with half of them (rounded up) reserved for members.

Further details about timings and travel arrangements (you can make your own way, but we will highlight the trains on which we intend to travel as a group) will be released closer to the date.

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