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Warwick Squash 26th Inter-University Tournament

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Saturday 02 March 2024, 8.30AM - Sunday 03 March 2024, 5.30PM

Squash Courts at Sports and Wellbeing Hub, University of Warwick 


Warwick Squash's Inter-University tournament is back for its 26th installment! For those who haven't been before, you can expect an amazing weekend of competitive squash, pres and clubbing, food and accommodation, and a stylish tournament T-shirt.

This tournament has 7 mixed-ability grades and two Womens Grades. We are looking for intermediate and advanced players (players from BUCS, squash levels >500 roughly).


When: Saturday 2nd March, 8:30 - Sunday 3rd March 17:30, the tournament is 2 days!

Where: Sports and Wellness Hub, University of Warwick, Cryfield Village, Leighfield Rd, Coventry CV4 7EU. It is up to you to organize transport to the venue

Contact: Jamie Bozier: jamie.bozier@warwick.ac.uk, Shrivar Singh: shrivar.singh@warwick.ac.uk

Who can play?

The tournament is designed for intermediate and advanced-level players. Typically for the mixed grades, this has been anywhere from a couple years of squash and Squash levels approx 500 in G grade, up to A grade where the winner last year had a Squash levels rating of 12k. We do not intend to put an ability cap on the tournament. We'd love to have two womens grades this year, so we want to see the womens BUCS teams out in strong force as well!

Tickets are on sale until Friday 9th February!

Tickets Explained

To enter the tournament, you must buy one of the following two tickets:

£22 Member Entry ticket - This is for tournament entry for Warwick Squash members of Warwickshire standard or Womens BUCS standards. Message myself or Shrivar if you are unsure whether you would be eligible. Provides entry to the 2-day tournament, a tournament T-shirt, and a £9.50 food voucher for the Dirty Duck. If you want to come to Skool Dayz, please buy your ticket separately as usual. 

£25 Non-Member Entry Ticket - This is for tournament entry for everyone from other universities. This provides entry into the 2-day tournament, a tournament T-shirt, and a £9.50 voucher at our on-campus pub, the Dirty Duck. Most people use this as a hearty meal after the play on Saturday.

Here are further ticketing options for accomodation and social options:

£40 Saturday Accomodation - Given the tournament is over both Saturday and Sunday, you'll need somewhere to stay Saturday night! This ticket gives you accomodation at the Scarman Hotel on Saturday Night, staying in a twin room with a person of your choice. This is a 10-minute walk away from the courts and is definitely the most convenient accommodation for the tournament (in previous years almost everyone has used this accomomdation option).

£40 Friday Accomodation - We are starting at 08:30 on Saturday Morning, so some of you coming from further away may prefer to come up the day before, rest and relax (or party and misbehave) before a full day of squash on Saturday. This gives you accommodation at the Scarman Hotel on Friday night, staying in a twin room with a person of your choice.

£6 Social Ticket - On Saturday evening we will be embracing the age-old Warwick tradition of circling (for those that don't know what this is it's essential pres, involving drinking games and copious amounts of alcohol) as a group before heading into Skool Dayz for a night of clubbing. Don't worry the tournament starts later on Sunday. If you're a Warwick Squash Member don't buy a Skool Dayz ticket here, buy it through the SU normally!! 


Included in the entry ticket price is a tournament T-shirt made by Akuma. When you buy your ticket, please use the sizing chart below to tell us what size you'd like.


  • The tournament will take place at the sports and wellness hub on campus over Saturday (8:30-16:00) and Sunday (10:00-17:30).
  • It's open to anyone and everyone, but we suggest intermediate to advanced players will be better suited (squash levels >500 roughly)
  • The tournament will be split into 8 grades of 16, with 1 women's only grade and 7 mixed grades, tiered by ability level
  • Each player will be guaranteed 3 games in their group stage, with the possibility of progressing to the knockout stage if they do well 
  • Eternal glory and a shiny trophy for the winners!! 



  • Accommodation is available for Friday and Saturday evenings in Scarman Hotel, 10 minutes walk from the squash courts
  • Twin rooms are available for £40 per person per night and you'll be sharing with someone you choose. 


  • Saturday evening, starting at 7pm is Warwick's circling and Skool Dayz. 
  • Circling is a social event, similar to pre's. It involves sitting in a circle (as the name suggests) and playing drinking games, punishments, chants and getting hammered. 
  • Tradition states that you come wearing school uniform (basically just a white shirt and tie) and only drink a drink called purple. 
  • Afterwards, we go clubbing in the Students Union at Skool Dayz ("School Days", hence the school uniform) where we relive the music from our youth. 
  • Last year we had 70 non-Warwick students coming with us to skool dayz, of which 50 came circling, so this is definitely not something to miss out on.

Check out this article which explains circling a bit better:


We're looking forward to seeing you all there, undeniably the highlight of the Warwick Squash year!

Jamie and Shrivar

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£22.00 (Member)
£25.00 (Non-member)
£15.00 (T-Shirt)
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