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University of Warwick Pool Championships 2019/20

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Monday 11 November 2019, noon - noon

Warwick SU

Welcome to the University of Warwick Pool Championships!

This is a tournament style event that will run throughout the rest of the academic year. Whether you're new to the club having never played before or an experienced player, this will be a great event to get involved with!

Here's how it works:

- Entry is £5 per player, to be paid in advance via the SU website

- The format is straight knockout from beginning to end

- There are two tournaments: Championship and Trophy

- Everybody starts off in the Championship; if you are knocked out of your first match you are entered into the Trophy

- Matches are to be played within a deadline, it is up to the players to organise when and where they play the match

- All the entry fees will go into a prize pot for both tournaments


- World rules will be played in all matches

- Scores to be submitted to any exec member

- If players do not play their match before the deadline (without reasonable effort/excuse) both players forfeit and will exit the tournament. The exception to this is if one player can prove lack of effort made by the other to play the match

- You will need to be a member to sign up

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