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Netball Mystery Summer Tour

Event from Netball (Womens)

Thursday 27 June 2024, 10.00AM - Monday 01 July 2024, 9.00PM


Hello to my 14 fav netball girls (Eve Cuming being my fav),

As exam season quickly approaches and the sun sets on a dreary Spa metropolis, you feel hopeless...and pale... and sober (kaela).

But don't fret! For Tara invites you to book a place on her mystery voyage accross the 7 seas for a romantic getaway.

It entails:

  • 4 nights in a European destination
  • Transport from Leamington to a London Airport and vice versa if u need!
  • Sight-seeing
  • Civilised local food+bev tasting
  • Basking in the sun
  • Bed time 7pm

If you only want one way transport (the 6 of u) please book the appropriate ticket or Tara will unleash fury upon you with the power of a thousand waves. 

Anywho, see u all soon thanks for booking, lots of love, Tara Our xxxx




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