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British Universities Karting Championship - Mains Only

Event from Motorsport

Tuesday 11 February 2020, 5am - 8pm


British Universities Karting Championship payment for Warwick A,B and C teams, make sure you double and triple check the rounds Archie has allocated you, as you may not have all the rounds you wanted. Do not buy a ticket for a round you are not competing at!!!

Any other drivers coming across this link who have not recieved communication from Archie, your time will come later on, likely at the start of term 2, I will be contacting those doing Rookies later on.

Round 1 - PFI

Round 2 - Buckmore

Round 3 - Glan y Gors

Round 4 - Clay Pigeon


£90.00 (Round 1-11/02/20)
£90.00 (Round 2-04/03/20)
£90.00 (Round 3-13/03/20)
£90.00 (Round 4-03/04/20)
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