Jiu Jitsu Movember Charity and Welfare Bake-Off!

Event from Jiu Jitsu

Thursday 19 November 2020, 4pm - 8pm

At your place 

Our charity event for Movember!
A baking sale.. kind of! Get the ingredients in your house and join our Welfare Officer and Pauline (both jitsuka and part of the baking society) in baking some delicious treats. Afterwards you can sell them to your housemates! (Or eat them all by yourself)

We will bake, laugh at each others mistakes and have a chat, this will be a great relaxed event to catch up!
If the idea of baking scares you, you are invited to follow Niké step by step in making a super easy carrot cake.
To get a head's start at your shopping, 

The ingredients are:
carrots (400g)
self-raising flour (400g)
sugar (150-200g)
oil (200 ml)
ground nuts (optional)

For icing:
icing sugar
cream cheese (optional)

But feel free to bake something completely different you have been dying to try out in our online bakery.

Step 2: decentralised bake sale. sell as much of your baked goods to your household as you can to raise funds for our movember page????

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Ps. Have you joined 5-5-5 for november yet?

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