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UWHC Charity Hockey Tournament!

Event from Hockey (Ladies)

Friday 21 June 2019, 10am - 4pm


This is an annual charity tournament that has been run for at least the past 4 years with great success. Over 200 people are invited from our owns clubs and from other sports clubs across campus.

Teams are mixed, with at least 2 people of each gender on the pitch at any one time. Teams also consist of 6 people. Entry is £3 per person. Each match is 10 minutes. The format will consist of 4 teams in a group. Matches will be played cross pitch with members of the Ladies’ and Men’s Hockey clubs umpiring. Fancy dress will be encouraged to add to the entertainment value. All proceeds will be split between the two clubs for their respective charity.

There will be charity buckets for both clubs’ chosen charities for donations on the day.

There will be a food truck, Fresh Roots, that will provide food. They have also agreed to donate 15% of the trade to be split between the two clubs’ charities.

The event will be promoted through both clubs social media pages.

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