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50% off Domino's Pizza with no minimum spend, only
We have loads of SU-run events throughout the year, but if you'd also like to see what our clubs, societies and liberation groups have organised, you can see our full event list below


Warwick National Novices Competition 2023

Event from Fencing

Sunday 26 November 2023, 7.30AM - Sunday 26 November 2023, 6.00PM


Please see the Competition Webpage for full information, including Equipment Regulations, Event Information, Format, Dates and Timings, Location, Eligibility and General Notes.

National Novices | warwickfencing


Before you buy!

- Ensure that you (or your fencers if purchasing as part of an organisation) meet the eligibility criteria.

- Fencers may not compete in both the Sabre and Epee events - though they may compete in the Foil & Sabre or Foil & Epee.


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