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University of Warwick Badminton Club Summer Tournament

Event from Badminton

Sat 25 June 2022 09:00-18:00
25/06/2022, 09:00 - 25/06/2022, 18:00

Saturday 25 June 2022, 9.00AM - Saturday 25 June 2022, 6.00PM

Sports and Wellness Hub - Zones B and C 

The University of Warwick Badminton Club is pleased to announce that our term 3 tournament is back in full swing this year. This tournament will take place on Saturday 25th June at the Sports and Wellness Hub at the University. This is open to all, Club members, University students, Alumni and anyone else interested. All events are being played, with each event costing £5 to enter. Due to the limited capacity we have for this event, entries will be done on a first come first served basis, with a priority for doubles players with partners. Entry Closes at 5pm on Monday 20th June. 

Details of Play:

Yonex AS30 Shuttlecocks will be used.

All events will be played in groups with a knockout stage if there is more than one group in an event.

Unless stated after the closing date, all events shall be played with Rally Points Scoring and will be one game to 21 points with no setting during the group stage, with setting in the knockouts and best of 3 games with setting in the semi-finals and finals.

Men’s and Women’s singles will start at 9am, with all other start times to be notified after the closing date. 8 courts are available between 9am and 12pm, with 4 courts being used from 12pm until the end of play at 6pm.

For doubles events, both partners need to sign up and pay

For any questions about entries, please direct these to the club email address (, where one of the tournament organisers, Archie Layfield and David Jolliffe, will get back to you.


£5.00 (Men's Singles)
£5.00 (Men's Doubles)
£5.00 (Women's Singles)
£5.00 (Women's Doubles)
£5.00 (Mixed Doubles)
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