Tangled Web the Pantomime Livestream

Event from Pantomime

Friday 02 October 2020, 8pm - 10pm


Rapunzel is free as a bird! The catch? Mother Gothel has forbidden her from going online gasps. Will Rapunzel defy her mother's wishes and dive into the internet? Will Queen Trishy find her lost princess armed only with her feminine wiles? Will a single cast member survive this online pantomime with a shred of dignity left?

Social distancing measures may have kept us apart, but the show must go on! Rehearsed and recorded over Zoom in just 2 weeks, this pantomime is written by, directed and stars our wonderful society members. Whether you're into acting, singing, dancing, set design, or just want to make some new friends - Panto Soc is a place for everyone! We’re a very relaxed and friendly performance group and inclusivity is at our core. This performance, like all of our shows, will be raising money for charity and the donation link will be shown alongside the livestream.

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