Warwick Women's Careers Exec Meet and Greet

Event from Warwick Women’s Careers

Wednesday 09 September 2020, 1pm - 2pm

Online - Microsoft Teams 

Welcome to our society and congratulations to all incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students! We look forward to welcoming you on campus and are hosting a virtual meet and greet to allow you to meet our team here at WWCS as well as learn more about what our society stands for. I’m sure that some of you may be anxious or nervous to come to university, and we hope to make you all feel more comfortable and excited through our session.  

How to access the event: We will post a registration form on our Instagram account: warwickwomenscareers as well as on our Facebook page: Warwick Women’s Careers Society. Be sure to sign up as we can only send you the Microsoft Teams link if you have signed up for the event. Also, make sure to follow our social media accounts for more updates and information. 

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