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Welcome Week: Mafia session

Event from Mafia Society

Thu 30 September 2021 18:00-22:00
30/09/2021, 18:00 - 30/09/2021, 22:00

Thursday 30 September 2021, 6.00PM - Thursday 30 September 2021, 10.00PM

Chancellors' Room 1 

We're Warwick Mafia society, the society for social deduction games!

We play Mafia & other social deduction and party games every week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm.

Never played mafia before? Here's the premise:
The team of mafia know their allies, but the innocent town members know nothing. Each day, the town members must try to uncover their enemies and vote them out, while the mafia try to blend in. Only through discussion can they figure out the culprits – maybe someone’s being a bit too friendly, a bit too accusatory, or are they voting for someone you could’ve sworn was innocent?

So if you're interested, come along to this Welcome Week session of mafia where we'll show you the rop

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