League of Legends: (2-Days) Pre-Welcome Week Tournament Day 2

Event from Esports

Monday 21 September 2020, 8pm - midnight

Online - Discord 

(2-Days) Pre-Welcome Week Tournament

Sunday, September 20th & Monday, September 21st: 8pm UK time start both days.  
Everyone is welcome to join.
40 Player limit.
High production streamed on Twitch (
Sign-up deadline is Wednesday 16th at midnight.

? Sign-up through the form link below, need:
     ? Name | IGN ? Rank ? Position
     ? Short description
     ? Friends you want to be together with (but not 100% sure to be with them, as we want it to balanced and make it fun for everyone)
? After Wednesday, you will be put in team by us, then you will need to send us:
     ? Team name ? Team logo (image, scuffed/beautiful logo etc...)
     ? Team Captain ? Team tag line
     ? Team description

? You will then be put in the brackets against fair opponents, the format is below.
? Vibe for the event is @Competitive, but still, have fun and get to know people of the soc!


Day 1:
     ? Quarter-finals BO1 (every team plays at the same time we show 1 match on stream)
     ? Semi-finals BO1 (every team plays at the same time we show 1 match on stream)  

Day 2:
     ? Finals BO3 (all games streamed on twitch)
     ? Post-match interview with winning team

How to Access Event: Warwick League of Legends Discord announcements post.
Or you can directly sign-up through this form.


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