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Indians with Stories Vol.2: Deshbhakti

Event from India Forum

Thursday 05 December 2019, 7pm - 9pm


With mass populism in India right now, the story of the victors is often the most told. What Kunal Kamra does is tell the story of the flip side, the one where the government isn't all sunshine and roses. Kunal Kamra calls an ace for an ace. At WIF, when we say we want people with stories, we want all sides. So, it brings us great joy to host one of the most successful comedians in India, an absolute legend who remains undeterred by today’s world!

Along with a classic Kunal Kamra stand-up set, get ready for an exclusive discussion and QnA with the most candid, outspoken and relevant comedian to hail from India! It's sure to be an evening full of laughs!

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